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May it be a marathon or an ordinary school racing competition or a national level competition, the running season never goes off and same is the case with the running shoes. You see, the reason that we specify this pair of shoes as the “running shoes” is because they are specifically constructed for racing and almost everyone who buys shoes has only one top priority, which is the comfort level.

Every one of us wants the maximum comfortable shoes for our feet and obviously when it comes to running, well you would want both, strength and comfort at the same time. There are different brands that are nowadays offering extremely good quality, for example, there are the best Nike shoes for standing all day and they are currently on the top of the most comfortable shoe list but again, when you go to the market, you’ve got so much option that you get confused on what to buy and what not to buy.

We know you and we do understand your needs which is why today in this article, we are going to jot down some of the top running shoes that are trending in 2017.

1  1-  New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3

This award-winning pair of shoes is the editor’s choice for spring this year and there are all the justifications for why it is the best. The Zante v3 is light in weight yet very strong which is the one excellent sign of an amazing shoe. Not only is it light in fact it is soft enough to support you throughout your marathon and other long runs.It comes with the shape of a sidewall along with the outsole protrusions.
Above everything, the reason why the Zante v3 is in our list of the top running shoes is that it is high in quality and reasonable in price, this is something you won’t find easily nowadays because today in this age you have to pay more for higher quality. However, Zante is a choice worthy to be made.

2- Brooks Ravenna 8 

Imagine a pair of shoes that can work well for both, long marathons and temp races? Well, I am sure you loved the thought of it which is why we do have a surprise for you, the trending pair of shoes of 2017 is none other than the Brooks Ravenna 8, it has won hearts globally and it is unbeatable when it comes to the performance. 
It comes with an X shaped patch in the mid foot part to make it smoother and also, like all the other high-quality shoes, the Ravenna 8 is very light in weight and smooth too. You will just love wearing these while you are running and they will keep you motivated and won’t let you get tired easily.

3- Vasque Constant Velocity 

This pair of shoes got the best debut award for the spring of 2017 and as always, we’ve got some right justifications on why it is the best.As the name indicates, the Velocity comes with an aggressive yet comfortable sole along with some amazing clover shaped rugs which will help you run through anything, hard or soft. 

If you are going to run on a rough ground then the Velocity is what you need to buy right now because it comes with a rock plate in the forefoot which is responsible from protecting your foot from any sort of damage. 
It is undeniably the best pair of running shoes and we’ve got a lot of positive and good customer reviews about it too.

Overall Verdict 

This is it for today, stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about the trending shoes. Till then, keep loving and sharing our articles.

Below is the summarized case study of Oman based real estate brand who hired one of the leading branding agency in Dubai to rebuild their brand from scratch.


Agency was given the challenge to rebirth UAMCO into a whole new brand with clear direction that no elements should be carried forward from its past.
The agency had to rebuild the brand from scratch, developing the directions for brand placement, vision, mission, values and the key element - the name creation.


A successful brand name has to reflect the personality of the company and be representative of all the properties, the main attributes of the business and its products. Agency gave a rebirth to OAMCO as WUJHA – a brand which talks about the goals and reaching the destination.


Agencies’ strategists were inspired by the key aspects that a developer should possess and that must be delivered to its customers. To provide the set target audience with the lifestyle for a better living, the developer must be innovative, bold, confident, passionate and consistent. Working on these attributes and via market research, Agency developed a strategy for the brand’s identity. Their team worked together to design the elements for its internal and external positioning, what should it communicate and lastly to ensure that both visual and verbal communications are synchronized to build the desired perception in consumer minds.


After the strategic directions were locked in place, the focus was shifted to create the whole
brand experience based on the set strategy and give visual language to the written direction. Creating the brand experience was not only to develop the logo or colors, it was about selecting the perfect
selection of color, the mood, the typography, and the design elements which will be later infused together to give the final shape to the experience.


Creating the mood board for the brand communication design, Agency looked at the beauty of Oman, both the architectural and nature to derive a combination and harmony between nature and luxury living.


To design the identity, the agency team worked with elements from mood board and bold, defined typography and inspirations from architectural design to develop the best visuals that communicate the brand name and put the identity into the colors that speak of the essence of the brand.


As identity and communication design is not the only part of the brand experience, corporate collateral, stationaries, and uniforms and other elements are combined form the big picture. Agency provided WUJHA with all the tools that would assist WUJHA to build a brand, which is consistent in
all its communication aspects.


As the services rendered by agency and the level of understanding developed, the relationship turned into retainer partnership and the digital handle was being managed by agency in order to provide a day to day update, respond, post and engage the audience. With social media, the SEO and digital ads campaigns for different projects were also being managed by agency.


Digital presence cannot be ignored while developing a brand and one which communicates to be modern, bold, and offering destination living. Agency designed and developed the website for WUJHA, so that the target audience can reach the brand with the ease of a click. Layouts, design and wire framing were done in a way that the interface and experience stay user-friendly while all the required information can be obtained with just a few clicks.

Everyone is talking about MPLS-VPN. However, not many people have a clear perception about MPLS-VPN. Well, this article tries to make a perception about MPLS-VPN for laymen, as it is a very complex process.

What is MPLS VPN?

MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching is a method that helps in carrying of data in many advanced networks of telecommunications. It is a method that helps direct any data from a particular network node to another using the shortest possible path label than long network paths. This can help avoid complex lookups in a table for routing. MPLS VPN is the bunch of methods that are used for MPLS to create VPNs or virtual private networks. 

Types of MPLS VPNs deployed 

There are primarily three types of MPLS VPNs used nowadays. They are Layer2, Point-to-point and Layer3.  Layer 2 is also known as virtual private LAN service and is used to route video, audio and AMI traffic between data centres and sub-stations. Point-to-point, also known as pseudowire, uses virtual leased lines to provide point-to-point connectivity from one site to another. Layer 3 VPNs helps service providers participate in Layer 3 routing of customers.

How MPLS VPN helps businesses

The earlier method that used VPN models for connectivity was quite complex and expensive. Moreover, it had scaling issues when it had to manage several tunnels. It was also not much help in identifying and segregating customers. The new age MPLS has helped enterprises a lot in running VPN services using MPLS method. The advantages are as provided below-
  • Service providers get control over the network - The MPLS VPN technology helps service providers to get full control over the major parameters like latencies, bandwidth utilizing and network availability. It can be a boon for the customers who are availing services from the service provider. Service providers can help provide value-added services like VoIP, on-demand bandwidth and video conferencing that can help revolutionize business process.
  • Plenty of value-added services for the customized services - A wide range of services provided by the MPLS VPN technology can help satisfy the needs of customers who can be individuals or SMEs. Customized services can be provided to the organizations according to their requirements.
  • The technology helps make networking a simple process - MPLS VPN technology helps make service-providing much simpler for the laymen who have no experience in IP routing or networking.
  • Managing organizational chores in a better way using MPLS VPN technology - Better organizational management is possible for the enterprises with MPLS VPN technology.
  • Connectivity with any network with any other - The best part of this technology is that it can provide connectivity through any network and any channel, so no need to spend extra time and effort changing the entire infrastructure to get in sync with the latest technology.
  • Service providers get the freedom to manage features - Service providers get the freedom to manage several features as per the requirements of the organization. This can help a lot in providing benefit packages that can be availed as per the requirements and budget of the client organizations.
  • Fewer WAN or router handling professionals required for the organization - MPLS is operationally easier than managing a bigger routed network. The organization that uses MPLS VPN technology can keep fewer WAN engineers for handling and managing networks. 
There’s no denying fact that MPLS VPN technology has become quite popular and used by the organization as it can help money and makes networking process simpler. Moreover, one can use the technology over the existing one, as it provides connectivity to any network or any channel to any other. This has helped in the evolution of technologies used in Enterprise VoIP or Enterprise telephony. MPLS VPN technology has changed the business scenario with its advanced features and helped many enterprises in better networking and routing management.

The fact for an engine oil is, for some, it is beguiling and on the other hand, everything you hear in regards to engine oil is not accurate and precise.

There are numerous myths encompassing best engine oils, some of which you may have even been told were valid by a repair person or an auto expert. Regardless of whether you change your own particular oil, or want to give us a chance to play out your next oil change, demystifying the misinterpretations about engine oil can enable you to settle on more taught choices with regards to securing your venture. We are focused on making you aware of the different parts, liquids, administrations and data you need to know about your vehicle.

See underneath for 7 myths of engine oil exposed! 

• You have to get your engine oil changed each 3,000 miles 

Oil change interims shift as per your vehicle's influence, model and determinations to set by the maker. While some vehicle producers suggest an oil change every 3000 miles, others may endorse to a 7,000-mile oil change. Numerous cutting-edge vehicles come outfitted with a motor oil life indicator that will stay up with the latest condition of your oil life. If all else fails, we generally suggest checking your proprietor's manual.

• In the event that your engine oil is dark, it should be changed 

Because your motor oil is not anymore that crisp, golden shading doesn't imply that it should be changed. Most present-day best engine oils are intended to clean your motor so the dull shading essentially implies that the motor oil is doing its activity. Oil, while securing and greasing up your motor, is retaining soil particles so they do not store or sully your vehicle's motor.

• You ought to dependably change your engine oil before a lengthy, difficult adventurous trip 

On the off chance that you are expected for an oil change amid the excursion, holding up until the point that you are back is fine. On the off chance that you will be expected for an oil change eventually all through the length of your excursion, it is best to get it changed already. In this circumstance, we suggest that you get your oil changed seven days before your outing is booked just to ensure everything is inappropriate working request before you take off.

• In the event that you utilize synthetic oil once, you generally need to utilize it consistently

While constantly utilizing synthetic engine oil may better for your vehicle's motor because of its better purging properties and protection than extraordinary temperatures, exchanging forward and backward amongst manufactured and traditional oils will by no means hurt your motor. Simply ensure that the consistency of the engine oil meets the prerequisites laid out in your proprietor's manual. Contingent upon your vehicle's mileage, high-mileage engine oil may be a decent alternative for you. Set aside some opportunity to comprehend the essentials of engine oil so you know your choices and settle on the correct choice for you and your vehicle.

• Synthetic oil can cause oil spills 

At the point when engineered engine oils were first presented in the 1970s, they were known to make the seals in the auto motor mechanic, bringing about engine oil spillage. Numerous progressions in manufactured oil innovation have been made over the most recent 30+ years and this myth has formally been exposed! The present synthetic oil does not make seals shrink and consequently does not trigger holes. Having said that, utilizing a synthetic engine oil in a more established auto (i.e. an auto that is around 15+ years of age) may cause spills because the purging properties of the manufactured oil may wipe muck off the seals that were going about as a blocker for obscure splits. In the event that you drive a vehicle with near or more than 75,000 miles, you might need to consider high-mileage oil.

• You don't have to change your oil filter each time you change your oil 

You need to change the oil filter when you change your oil. By changing the oil filter when you change your oil, you forestall contaminants caught in the old filter from entering the new hero bike oil and conceivably making harm your vehicle's motor.

• "W" behind the initial two numbers on the bundle remains for weight 

The "W" in the oil particular stands for winter. Oil consistency changes with the temperature. The two numbers before the "W" really give the thickness temperature rating of that oil. The general dependable guideline is the lower the number, the more vicious the oil.

How heavenly it feels to sleep on a crisp clean sheet! Having freshly washed bed sheets is more of keeping up to the appearance than offering comfort. You never know how much dust mites, bugs, bacteria, dead skin, food, bodily fluids, sweat, and oil your cotton double bed sheet accumulates. This can be avoided by washing them regularly. In fact, dirty linens are an indication of poor hygiene which can have a negative impact on our health.

Bacterial breeding ground

The bacteria that houses in our body feed of everything found in our bed. These are small organisms which grow rapidly in large numbers. If you have cuts or pimples the bacteria can aggravate it by causing infections. So, sleeping in the clean cotton double bed sheet is very essential.

Dust mites

Generally, dust mites love to live in our carpet and rugs but they can also breed in our beds and pillows. They feed on mold spores and dead skin cells of human bodies. It can trigger asthma and allergic reactions with symptoms like

•    Coughing
•    Sneezing
•    Skin rashes
•    Irritating eyes
•    Running nose
•    Wheezing

Fabrics like cotton and wool house dust mites easily. So, if your double bed is covered with a cotton double bed sheet then washing the sheet once a week is the perfect way to remove the dust mites.
Pets on the beds

It is tempting to get your dog or cat curled up on the bed, but they add too many dead skin follicles and excess hair on your sheet which carries unfriendly bacteria. These unfriendly bacteria can cause many skin allergies and can get transmitted from human to human.

Spreading infections

When you are suffering from any disease, it gets even more important to wash the linens regularly to avoid spreading the illness. A disease like a rotavirus, viral fevers etc are infectious in nature and soiled sheets have good potentials for transmission of infection.

That cleaning feeling

Sliding into a clean sheet is enough reason to wash the bedding regularly. If someone is not cleaning their dirty linens regularly that means they are reinfecting themselves with bacteria and dust mites and making themselves; prone to diseases.

Therefore, if you do not get time to wash the dirty linens regularly go for online shopping for cotton double bed sheets and keep them in stock so that you can replace the dirty linens with them on a regular basis.

No matter what the things are, when the time goes bad, it is possible to break out that.  If you build your home or office by these pre-fabricated metals, it will be very strong even a storm can disturb the building. Pre-fabrication is the process of collecting the components of a specific architecture in a factory or unit. Erecting the new infrastructure, adding the roof panels and walls can be easily possible if it is inbuilt on the metal buildings. The highly efficient material utilization has a perfect quality towards the durability and the weather resistance.

Requirements for metal buildings

Initially, you have to get a permit and it should be a legal one. Selecting a site to construct the metal building is requiring a perfect plan which supports to execute properly. There are two kinds of metal buildings are available ad those are named as, Ground mount and the concrete slab. With respect to the architecture, the buildings can be constructed and at the same time, if the metal constructor is using the slab with a metal concrete, that should be taken under the conditions between 50 degrees to 90 degrees F. The best Oklahoma Metal Building Construction service is achieving the process of metal building in the same way.

Pre Fabricated Metals

The Pre Fabricated metals are the factory made components which are useful for the onsite work i.e. for Metal building construction. Different kinds of internal and external architecture are built as per your requirement. Pre-fabricated metal buildings are the premium one and the metals can be cut to the length, welded to shape, drilled and punched by the building kits. The efficient manufacturer can construct a building in such way as owner’s dream and it needs lower construction cost.

The complete metal building is developed in the step by step logical manner and every modification is achieved by the need for high-quality bolts and the self-drilling screws. The Louisiana Prefabricated Metal Buildings are very much attractive and have a strong foundation & pillars which are constructed of the metals. Are you looking for the easiest way to build a home? Refer these prefabricated metals and maintain your building in a strong manner. It will take less time to build and constructed by the stick built methods and our service will help you to have a desired home by the fabricated metals.
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